Activities for Winter/Spring 2021

There are many ways for you and your family to be involved at church. 
Please check back frequently for updated information. 


Will be updated soon! 


Contact Kathy Kovarik at [email protected] or 651-459-4596 with questions about elementary activities. 



Normal youth ministry programming is on hold right now, watch for small group one off service events to pop up.   Young people if you're comfortable coming to Mass in person rather than online, we'd love to have extra help in the ministries of lector(reader), ushers, video operating and AV(the slides).  Contact us if you want to get more involved.  We're also looking for youth to record themselves reading the Sunday Gospels for First Fifteens coming up - please get ahold of Amy if you're willing to do this - each time will count as a Mass Note role.  

Parents -  If you want to chat with Amy about any issues your children are facing - please reach out!  Faith Formation will be offered both on and off-site.   We'll hold our Confirmation preparation like normal - except the meetings will be sent to you on video instead of you coming in. 

    CORE Peer Ministry Team:  CORE is a team of young people and adults who help to choose and implement events,  activities, and faith experiences for the young people of our community.  We meet on the first Monday of each month  and work to make Faith Formation Large Group Sessions lively and Spirit filled as well as plan monthly activities for the  youth of our parish, you can join us in person or via zoom.  Youth in grades 9-12 are welcome to join us as peer ministers, contact Amy at the Parish if  interested.  This year CORE will be called upon to help produce social media for our First Fifteens or simply as encouragers, for the next few months we'll meet either virtually, in messages or very small groups.  Our first meeting will be Monday, Sept 13th in the Youth Room at 7pm.



 RESOUND- Youth Music Ministry: if you have some music in your soul and want to use it to praise Jesus, contact Adam at the parish, Resound, the youth music group is always open to welcoming new musicians, singers and A.V. operators to their crew.  651-459-4596 x 120 They're currently practicing two or three Monday nights each month.


Contact Amy Schroeder for more information, at [email protected] or 651-459-4596, x121.