Middle/High School Faith Formation

Faith Formation for Winter/Spring 2021

Wednesday Night Small Groups:  We'll be offering both in person and online faith formation on Wednesday nights.  Students will start with the First Fifteen with Amy and Olivia - at home students can watch on yotube.  Then in person groups will gather for discussion and prayer.  At home families will be provided with comparible material to learn and grow in faith at home. 
If you want a more traditional style of content and programming, you can select the regular homeschool option that we have always offered. We'll prepare the materials for you and support you through calls and email as needed.
Confirmation Preparation
For our 10th graders who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Spring - our prep process won't change much - Amy will record/livestream the two Fall sessions and send you the sponsor folder and enrollment information in the mail.  We are still planning on holding our January onsite retreat - we'll monitor safety options and make changes if needed in January.  Currently the Confirmation Mass is scheduled to be at the Cathedral on April 13th, we'll keep you up to date on any changes that may occur. 

Have your son/daughter connect with their sponsor and together watch the 2nd youtube link sent in mid-Nov to understand the sponsor sessions.


St Rita's Faith Formation COVID Preparedness Plan Winter/Spring 2021

Amy Schroeder is the Pastoral Associate for Middle/High School Faith Formation at St. Rita's. You can contact her at [email protected], or at 651-459-4596, ext. 121.

Below are our normal programming options

Faith Formation Classes : Youth in grades 6-10 join together in a small groups, where they participate in discussion and learning experiences to help build understanding and desire to grow in their own faith.  Sessions are on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30. Each month there will be a Large Group session in the worship space, focused on a topic that helps to connect our Catholic Faith with everyday life.  Grades 6-7 use a video curriculum to explore our Catholic identity as well as walk thru the Bible in an engaging way.  Grades 8-10 build community in their small groups while connecting our Catholic faith to everyday life and choices.  Parents are always encouraged to join us for Large Group nights.

Confirmation:  Young people who wish to be confirmed in the Catholic faith are welcome to enroll in the Confirmation program here at Saint Rita’s once they have reached 10th grade. Confirmation program is a separate program from Faith Formation, though attendance in a Faith Formation program is required for Confirmation candidates.

 First ReconciliationIf your teen has not yet made his/her First Reconciliation by 6th grade, there are special sessions for older students available during the year.  Contact Amy at the parish office for details. 

Attendance at each Faith Formation session is vital. If your teen is unable to attend classes due to emergency or illness, please contact their leader before class is to begin.  School activities and/or other practices are not acceptable excuses for missing class or arriving late/leaving early.  If your child misses more than two sessions during the year, home-school lessons will be sent to the parent with homework to be returned the following week.   If there are concerns, please contact Amy at 651-459-4596 ext. 121 or  [email protected]

Arrive on Time :  Please arrive several minutes before class.  This allows the leader to begin and end on time.  If you're child will regularly need to be dropped off late/picked up early, please choose the homeschool option.  This is very distracting for small groups. 

Large Group Sessions:  One Wednesday each month, youth will gather at St. Rita's for large group. This is an evening of music, prayer and faith experience led by the CORE Peer Ministry Team, Amy and Fr. Ron.

Mass Attendance  :  As part of being a Catholic, it is our joy and responsibility to attend Mass regularly on Sundays and all Holy Days of Obligation.  Please, as a family, help to instill this value as part of your child's faith.  Each year, your child will be asked to turn in at least ten Mass Notes, answering a few simple questions about a Mass they have attended. Mass Notes forms are available here.  Or you can do this digitally here.


We have activities for children, youth and families scheduled throughout the year. Information on all our events for children and youth is posted here.