At Home ELEM Faith Formation Spring 2021



Elementary Faith Formation

Kathy Kovarik:  Director of Elementary Faith Formation [email protected]  or 651-459-4596 x 124

St. Rita's is now offering 3 summer programs for elementary kids.  VBS and Summer Faith Formation

are "at home" or "on site" programs.  Be sure to register on line!



**If the video seems cut off on one side, simply double click on it to get the full screen. 

Here is the video for April 18, 2021.  This is our last video for the Spring Faith Formation Program.  This year was so different for all of us.  Many times the staff at St. Rita's commented on how we missed the children walking around getting to know the building and their faith.  It has been so quiet that is has been hard to come to work!  We hope and pray that your family was able to stay safe and healthy through this difficult time.  We also hope these videos helped you have a little more interest with your faith formation program.  They have been challenging and fun to make.   Here at St. Rita's we are praying that next fall things will be somewhat back to normal and we can see your smiling faces again!  Please email Kathy and let us know what you thought about the videos - good or bad!  For now, make sure you watch this video until the end because there is important information about summer programs we are offering.  

This is the video for April 11, 2021.  There are many things we do in our life that requires identification.  When you go to the doctor, when you want to get a driver's license, when you want to go to a certain school and so many more!  This week's Gospel is about an apostle who earned the nick name "Doubting Thomas."  Find out how and why in this week's video.

This is the video for Easter Sunday.  Happy Easter!!  Today's video is just a short one.  Kathy reads an enchanting book about how special Jesus is to ALL of us.

This is the video for Holy Week.  This video has 3 sections.  You can stop after each section as the video does run 1/2 hour.  It begins with Palm Sunday, followed by a discussion about Holy Thursday and then finally Good Friday.  Each section gives a background about the special day and what our traditions are and why we continue them.  Have a blessed holy week!

Here is the video for March 21, 2021.  Lent is about becoming the best person you can be...are you working on that? Remember your 3 practices of Lent - Fasting, Prayer and Alms Giving...These practices will help you be a better person.  They will help you be closer to God!

Here is the video for March 14, 2021.  Who doesn't like getting gifts?  What is the best gift you have ever gotten?  I bet there is one better.....

Here is the video for March 7, 2021.  How many times has your mom or dad told you to clean your bedroom?  Maybe today's Gospel will encourage you to do it!


Here is the video for February 28, 2021.   We are celebrating the Transfiguration of Jesus.  

Here is the video for February 21, 2021.  Ash Wednesday was the start of Lent.  There are temptations all around us.  Even Jesus was tempted!

Here is the video for February 14, 2021.  This week Kathy covers the 6th Sunday in ordinary time, Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday.  The video is a little longer than the others have been so get comfortable and have a good time learning about these three important days!

Here is the video for February 7, 2021.  How can we care for and serve others?

Here is the video for January 31, 2021.  Be amazed at what Jesus can do!


Here is the video for January 24, 2021.  Just keep swimming!!!


Here is the video for January 17, 2021.  Welcome back to Faith Formation!!