Home Lessons: middle/high school

St Rita's Families,  below are video sessions on DISCIPLESHIP that you can do as a family to continue your child(ren)'s faith formation during these days at home.  There are video sessions provided to introduce the discussion topic, as well as a parent guide and student worksheet. 

The parent guide is actually meant for a leader of a small group, so I've 'X'd out in green the sections you should skip as you're not in a group, but most of it you can do as a family.  *If you have slightly younger children, like in 4-5 grades - it would be okay for them to participate in this as well, might be a bit over their head, but still helpful.  

I am praying that this is an opportunity for your whole family to participate and engage in growing in faith and closer to our Lord.  If you have any difficulty with the lessons please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email [email protected] 

Also, if you would prefer to use the traditional lessons they would have had here on Wednesday evenings, I am including those at the bottom, you'll simply have to adjust where it says group activity.  


Mass Notes - yes please still do them, here's how! 

Family Lesson for Wednesday, March 18th  

Parent Guide Week One

Student Sheet Week One

Video one

Family Lesson for Wednesday, March 25th 

Parent Guide Week Two

Student Sheet Week Two

Video Two 

Family Lesson for Wednesday, April 1

Parent Guide Week Three

Student Sheet Week Three

Video Three

Wednesday, April 8th - Holy Week 

Activity/Reflection coming if you're unable to participate in Holy Week services. 


Family Lesson for Wednesday, April 15th 

Parent Guide Week Four

Student Sheet Week Four

Video Four

Family Lesson for Wednesday, April 22nd

Parent Guide Week Five

Student Guide Week Five 

Video Five 

Here are the lessons by grade they would have experienced. 

**Please share  your own faith stories as your going thru! 

Grade 6 - CHOSEN - Video Link

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Grade Seven - ENCOUNTERVideo Link

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Grades 8  [ to access the textbook go to https://ebook.smp.org/ click new registration and enter code StRita_CF ]

Chapter 19 - coming soon

Chapter 20 - coming soon 

Grade 9 - We were going to watch the movie To Save a Life over two evenings and have small group discussion.  If you want they can find the movie on streaming services.  It's a really great film that covers a lot of things are youth experience everyday and offers some hope. 

The final night we were going to to go to Feed My Starving Children as a group to serve.  To replace this, find a local service opportunity you can do as a family.  

Grade 10  [ to access the textbook go to https://ebook.smp.org/ click new registration and enter code StRita_CF ]

Chapter 34 - coming soon

Chapter 35 - coming soon 

Chapters 36/37 - coming soon 

We praying for you families as you finish out this faith formation season at home. We hope that this is a time that your family learns to pray together better, share more about your faith and grow closer to our Lord. Please reach out as you need anything, and we love to hear good stories, so share those too. Bless Bless~ Amy