Home Lessons: middle/high school


I am praying that this is an opportunity for your whole family to participate and engage in growing in faith and closer to our Lord.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email: etrksak@saintritas.org.

Mass Notes - yes please still do them, here's how! 

Grade 6 - CHOSEN 

Grade Seven - ENCOUNTER

Video Links for Intro to Bible Lesson

Turn the Page                What is the Bible

Bliblical Story                 Is the Bible True

For Final Bible Lesson  Ways to Read the Bible with Fr Mike

Grade 8 

Here's the link to Fr Mike's session on Confession 

Here's the video on mortal sin for your reconciliation session 

Grade 9 - you'll need acesses to FORMED.org for the Human Sexuality Unit please register for an account.

Science and Faith Episode One               Science and Faith Episode Two

Fr Georges Lemaitre - Father of the Big Bang

Science and Faith Episode Three             Science and Faith Episode Four

The Eucharistic Miracle in Buenos Aires

The Shroud of Turin - 10 things


Grade 10 -   Here are the links for the Prayer Unit in Grade 10 - you'll need the key code Amy emailed you in late September to access the Altaration videos

Prayer Session One:  Praying Unceasingly

Prayer Session Two: How To Pray 

Prayer Session Three: Why Pray?

Prayer Session Four: Practicing Prayer

I am praying for you families who are engaging in faith formation at home. I hope that this is a time that your family learns to pray together better, share more about your faith and grow closer to our Lord. Please reach out as you need anything, and I would love to hear good stories, so share those too. Bless Bless~ Elizabeth

Here's the 2021-22 Faith Formation Calendar