Middle/High School Alpha

HI Families.  If you missed this weeks Middle/High School Alpha session, you can watch it here and talk thru the questions as a family so that you're caught up and ready to watch next week's session.  Let us know if you have questions.  If you've lost your questions packet, you can download another copy here.  Bless Bless ~ Amy

Week One: Life, Is This It? 10/07/2020

Week Two; Jesus; who is He? 10/21/2020

Week Three; The Cross: why did Jesus have to die?  10/28/2020

Week Four; Faith: what is it and how do we get it?

Week Five; Prayer, why and how do I pray? 

Week Six; The Bible; this week looks different as we had a visit from Fr. Mark Joppa and I hit the wrong button on the screen share and record, so it's starts in the middle of our conversation.  The alpha session starts in the middle and has been shortened for time. 

Week Seven: The Holy Spirit

Week Eight: Sin and Evil 

Week Nine: Life with Christ; what's next?