The Tempo of Lent

Second Sunday of Lent

We are ¼ into our Lenten journey, and we hear something is different.  As we move farther into the desert, the music diminishes in volume.  This weekend, we hear our smaller musical groups: Echo, Resound, and WBIG.  In the coming weeks, there will be no singers, and no music!  The pulse in the desert softens as we keep moving through this sacred season. 

First Sunday of Lent - March 2020

Our Lenten music journey begins this week as we slowly prepare for the 5 most meaningful and important liturgies of the year (Holy Week).  As we journey into the desert we find as we go farther, the music will have a broad diminishing, eventually leading to silence.  This first week we feature our largest music groups- St. Rita’s Group, the Choir, and Joyful Praise.  Embrace the entirety of our Lenten music experience as we step into the desert.

The Soundtrack to the Desert Journey - February 2020

As we enter into the sacred season of Lent, we find ourselves hearing a new “soundtrack” to supplement the journey.  Just as we changed our mass setting for Advent, Christmas, and Ordinary Time, we will be singing Marty Haugen’s “Mass of Creation”- one of the most famous contemporary mass settings across the Catholic world.  We also feature a new Lenten Gospel Acclamation from the “Mass of Spirit and Grace” by Ricky Manalo, one of the music ministry’s favorite composers who wrote the anthem “In These Days of Lenten Journey”. A setting of Psalm 51 by Cyprian Consiglio, O.S.B “Create a Clean Heart” will be integral to our Lenten musical experience.  Stay tuned as we present a different pulse to the desert journey.

-Adam Baus, Music Director