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If confirmed, Kavanaugh will keep Catholic majority in Supreme Court

When Brett Kavanaugh took to the podium July 9 at the White House after being introduced as President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, he revealed, among other things, that his Catholic faith is a big part of his life.

Seeking to support abbey, English monks brew ale — ‘seriously nice’

Cistercian monks have opened the first Trappist brewery in England and are selling thousands of bottles of beer every day.

After World War I, church changed mission approach, cardinal says

World War I and its aftermath changed the map of Europe, but also dismantled the notion of the "state church" in a way that forced the Catholic Church to discover again the authentic meaning of mission, said Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

If it is broke, fix it: Ideas on reshaping U.S. immigration policy

In 2008, Kenan Thompson of "Saturday Night Live" unveiled a "financial expert" character named Oscar Rogers on the "Weekend Update" segment. His advice on the economy, shouted loudly and often as the nation was careening into the Great Recession, was "Fix it!"

Indian officials seek to freeze bank accounts of Missionaries of Charity

Indian officials are seeking to freeze bank accounts of the Missionaries of Charity following the arrest of a nun on child trafficking charges in Jharkhand state.

Letters urge Catholic officials to remove Indian bishop accused of rape

Catholic and other leaders have urged that a bishop accused of raping an Indian Catholic nun be removed from his position.

Preparations begin for Father Arrupe’s sainthood cause, postulator says

The general postulator of the Society of Jesus said he has begun compiling all of the writings of Jesuit Father Pedro Arrupe and seeking eyewitnesses who can attest to the holiness of order's late superior general.

Unity, openness at core of Melkite identity, says patriarch

Melkite Catholic Patriarch Joseph Absi called on attendees at the 51st National Melkite Convention "to support one idea, which is peace."

‘Thank you for saving us’: Refugees start new life with Catholics’ help

Not long ago, Bernard Gbuoh found himself abandoned by traffickers in the Sahara Desert, near the border between Niger and Algeria.

Listening and negotiating not a lost art, says retired Catholic lobbyist

Nineteenth-century German statesman Otto von Bismarck claimed that no one who respects the law or enjoys eating sausage should see either being made.