Faith Formation

This Fall we'll be offering an online version of the faith formation program. Traditional homeschooling options for middle/high school students are also available.

If you have questions about options, please contact;

Elementary Faith Formation
Kathy Kovarik - [email protected]

Middle/High School Faith Formation
Amy Schroeder - [email protected]

Faith Formation cost is $45.00 Sacrament preparation is an additional $65.00
If you have questions about payments or need assistance, contact Kathy or Amy

**Please ensure Kathy and/or Amy's email adresses are SAVED into your contacts so that bulk communications aren't sent to spam.


There will be a weekly video (which can be seen on the Parish web site) led by Kathy Kovarik. This will be about 15-20 mins. These presentations will center on the Mass and the Sunday gospel reading.  Each family will be given a binder with the readings and with activities to reinforce the message of the Gospel. In addition, there will be fun activities to live out the Gospel.
The children will have opportunities to earn certificates for prizes.
Families will be encouraged to attend Mass in person or participate in the Mass online/television.
Reconciliation and Eucharist Preparation for Children
Families will be working At Home with appropriate materials.  The children's retreat will be led by Kathy Kovarik with COVID safety guidelines in place.  This includes wearing masks, social distancing and limiting numbers per session.  Celebrations will be scheduled at a later date. numbers per session.

Middle/High School

Wednesday Nights Online: Amy and Olivia will start you live from the Church with the week's Gospel and prayer. Then all grades will be using the Alpha Youth series. This is a collection of videos that encourage us to welcome the Lord into our daily lives, actions and choices. After each video segment, youth will have several minutes to discuss what they heard, either with a parent at home, or in a Zoom breakout group (we need of MANY more volunteers to help lead these zoom groups.) You'll select parent led discussion or zoom group.  Around Christmas we will reasess the COVID safety guidances and annouce the Spring programming.  We will continue to collect Mass Notes, there is a digital way to turn them in out our website.
If you want a more traditional style of content and programming, you can select the regular homeschool option that we have always offered. We'll prepare the materials for you and support you through calls and email as needed.
Confirmation Preparation
For our 10th graders who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Spring - our prep process won't change much - Amy will record/livestream the two Fall sessions and send you the sponsor folder and enrollment information in the mail.  We are still planning on holding our January onsite retreat - we'll monitor safety options and make changes if needed in January.  Currently the Confirmation Mass is scheduled to be at the Cathedral on April 13th, we'll keep you up to date on any changes that may occur.



St. Rita's offers a variety of Faith Formation programs for children, youth and adults. Please choose from the links below for more information. 

Elementary Faith Formation. Contact Kathy Kovarik at 651-459-4596 or [email protected]

Middle/High School Faith Formation and Youth Ministry. Contact Amy Schroeder at 651-459-4596 or [email protected]

Adult Faith Formation, which includes Bible study groups and RCIA -- The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.

RCIA is a program for non-baptized Catholics interested in becoming Catholic, or for adults who have not received all the sacraments of initiation (Eucharist, Reconciliation or Confirmation). Contact Deacon Jack Nicklay at 651-459-4596 or [email protected]

CHILDREN'S, YOUTH & FAMILY ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE: There is a wide variety of activities for people of all ages, check out how your family can be involved!