Parish Mission Talks

The 2018 Parish Mission Talks with Dr Italy:

 Why Be Catholic and How to Get More Out of the Mass  

The story of a young, Catholic rock ‘n roller who fell in love with Christ, and why he decided not to leave the Catholic Church. With his engaging personal witness, Dr. D’Ambrosio explains in a fresh, contemporary way that “Catholic” means fullness of life.  This talk will re-energize already devout Catholics, giving them new insights into the role of Mary, Tradition, and the sacraments. For Sunday, nominal, and inactive Catholics, this talk is a spark to a deeper conversion to Christ and deeper commitment to his church.  For non-Catholic Christians, this talk explains a few of the Catholic distinctives and provides a friendly, non-offensive invitation to discover elements of our common Christian heritage that make for a deeper, richer life in Christ.

The central act of worship in the Catholic Church is the Mass. Yet only a minority of Catholics bother to attend Mass these days, and many of those who do come late and leave early, apparently getting very little out of it. This talk asks the simple question, “what can we do to get more out of Mass?” With humorous stories and practical examples, Dr. Italy discloses how to unlock the power of Christ’s presence despite the distractions that often get in the way. Many of the illustrations, drawn from Dr. D’Ambrosio’s life and that of his family, make it clear that everyone, no matter how busy, can have a much deeper and more satisfying experience of Christ in the Mass. Those who attend this talk will never experience the Mass in quite the same way again!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped with our dinner before the talks!  

  The 2017 Advent Retreat:

  Discovering Your Purpose & Mission as a Child of God.  

Pat Millea  led us in a two evening retreat where we examined the theme of "Relationship, Identity, Mission."  To be a healthy disciple of Jesus, our life has to move in that order: First, a relationship with God.  Second, our  identity as a son or daughter of God, and Third, our particular mission that springs from our identity and gifts/talents. 

  Thank you to the members of our parish family who joined us for this event and invited their friends, family and neighbors.  Here are some photos from our evening together!

"Our mission is to be love in a world that desperately needs love..."



The 2016 Fall Retreat

It was truly a blessing to have Steve Angrisano with us at St. Rita's for our three-day retreat in early October 2016, helping us grow in understanding of our Catholic faith and build community. Steve led us in song and prayer, and shared stories that brought laughter and tears.

Above all, Steve shared with us his deep faith in Jesus Christ and encouraged us to listen to God as he speaks to us, in so many ways, every day. God bless you, Steve, and thank you for sharing your love and faith with us! 

Please enjoy some photos from the retreat in this photo gallery.