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Teens hide in cellars: Aid official tells of conditions in eastern Ukraine

A senior Catholic aid worker said humanitarian conditions are deteriorating in eastern Ukraine and urged Western governments and churches not to forget the continuing six-year conflict.

Listening to women can save lives during pandemic, sociologist says

Women in Ghana and other West African nations have suffered disproportionately during the global COVID-19 pandemic in large part because they have been excluded from positions of power and decision-making, a Catholic sociologist said.

An overlooked place of Christ’s presence

A few weeks ago, I knew I was in need of a special dose of divine assistance. I was confused. I was uncertain. I was struggling to trust. I knew I needed to seek out the Lord in an intentional way. Going to a physical place dedicated to the Mother of God seemed like a good idea, so I set aside a Saturday and, along with a brother seminarian, made a one-day pilgrimage to the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Iowa Catholics pray for workers at meat-packing plant who died of COVID-19

A small group of deacon formation classmates, parishioners and family members stood across the road from Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Columbus Junction July 24 and prayed Morning Prayer (Lauds).

Pandemic has revealed how often human dignity is ignored, pope says

The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on other, "more widespread social diseases," particularly attacks on the God-given human dignity of every person, Pope Francis said.

After blasts, Lebanese mobilize to pick up the pieces, physical and mental

Church bells and the Muslim call to prayer sounded Aug. 11 to mark a minute of silence for those who perished in the explosion devastating much of Beirut and its port a week earlier.

Md. county official rescinds previous directive blocking school reopening

The Archdiocese of Washington's Catholic Schools Office hailed an Aug. 7 announcement by a Montgomery County health officer that he has rescinded his previous directives forbidding private and religious schools from opening to in-person instruction at the start of the school year.

Sixty years after JFK, wait continues for the second Catholic president

Thirty-three men between George Washington and John F. Kennedy served as U.S. president. Until Kennedy, all were white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men. It took 172 years for a Catholic to win the presidency.

Black Catholics laud Harris pick; others scrutinize past record

Joe Biden's choice of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-California, as his vice presidential running mate elicited broad smiles from key black Catholics. Others, though, started criticizing her record nearly as soon as the pick was publicized Aug. 11.

Cardinal Burke in Vermillion speaks to value of Catholic schools

Cardinal Raymond Burke may live in Rome, population 4.2 million in its metro area, but his roots are in Midwestern small towns — and rural Catholic schools.