Contract Musicians

We are looking for musicians to be a part of our music ministry!

We welcome you to the vibrant, dynamic, and rich music ministry at St. Rita’s.  We have a large volunteer base of singers spread across 5 primary choirs, spanning all kinds of music from traditional classical to contemporary and an occasion Broadway tune.  There is a deep music tradition here.  We are excited to get to know you.  We are looking for musicians to enhance our worship and mass experiences.  We want to establish long term relationships with regular appearances in the years to come. 

If interested, please send an email to Music Director Adam Baus  with answers to some of the following questions.   


Primary Instrument?

Years of Experience?  Are you comfortable Improvising? Transposing?

Interested in arranging?  Do you compose?


Are you Catholic*?

Are you familiar with a Catholic mass structure & liturgy?

What other churches have you played for?

What is some repertoire you enjoy presenting in a worship setting? 

Recordings or Videos that you’d like to share?


Pay Scale – these are starting rates, and open to negotiation.

Flat Fee – Mass and rehearsal prior.

High School - $20

College Student - $35

Professional - $50*

*As mentioned, we are interested in developing long term relationships, and once we get more comfortable, and create good collaborative work, the rates will rise. 

*You do not need to be Catholic to be a part of our music ministry. 

We have gotten a large and positive response to our Facebook post, it will take time to connect with everyone and see if you will fit into our music program. Please be patient with our response time. Thank you. Adam Baus.