Your Voice



Finding Your Voice/ Knowing Your Voice!

I am committed to helping you find your “sweet spot”.  Often involved is knowing your best high note (not your highest note, your best), and likewise how low.  The more you sing into your sweet spot, everything that embraces the joy of music making is more abundant: confidence, intonation, volume, and ensemble cohesion are all present. 


Using vocalizes, you can use short to medium length phrases to work up and down the scale to discover what’s your range. 

Music/ Songs

Using tunes, you find what range sits with your body the best as you work through the keys.  This process takes longer,  but often yields the best results. 

Hymn to Joy

How Can I Keep From Singing


These times are different.  Our opportunity to present music at mass has severe restrictions, and will not resemble our community of singing for the time to come.  We can use this opportunity to grow musically in small groups and solo singing.