Elementary Faith Formation


We're waiting on the final decision of the school district before finalizing our plans on what Fall Faith Formation will look like - please let us know your thoughts by taking the survey.

Kathy Kovarik is the Pastoral Associate for Elementary Faith Formation at St. Rita's. You can contact her at [email protected]; or at 651-459-4596, ext. 124. 

Parents, you are the first and primary faith formation educators of your children. The parish reinforces what you have begun.  Time and space limitations dictate what can be offered at St. Rita's, but we do try to offer a  variety of programs to accommodate the needs of busy families within our available space.  

Our Children's Faith Formation Program is unique in the number of schedule choices we offer. The summer program focuses on the basics of our faith.  The program during the school year is Lectionary-based and includes celebration of the liturgical seasons.

What is best for your family? Does the school-year faith formation program fit in your family's schedule?  If not, please try out our summer faith formation program.  You have two sessions to choose from, and for 2nd graders, attending summer faith formation fills the requirement for First Eucharist.  Allow your child to experience religious instructions with other Catholic children - you will enjoy the experience too!

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a fun, Bible-based experience for children that takes place each summer. Come and spend some time with us at St. Rita's!

We know that participating in any of these programs could be a financial burden for your family. If you would like your child to participate but are unable to pay for part or all of the fees, please contact Kathy Kovarik for elementary age programs.  Your confidentiality will be respected.  We hope you will not let the cost prevent your child from being part of faith formation programs.


We have activities for children and families scheduled throughout the year. Information on all our events for children and youth is posted here.