Lenten Hope Retreat

Meet Fr. Bambenek:  He has collaborated with the John Paul II Healing Center, a ministry which provides teaching, healing and equipping to bring about transformation to the heart of the Church since 2013.  On a sabbatical in 2017, he formulated a Healing the Whole Parish Retreat which set the framwork for our Lenten Hope Retreat.  Fr. Bambenek joined the Archdiocesan Catholic Center staff in 2019 as assistant director of the Archdiocesan Synod.  
Fr. Bambenek has served in several churches within the archdiocese over the years.  A Hastings native, Fr. Bambenek, who was ordained in 2010 after working on strategic projects with electric utility companies in Michigan, treasures the times spent with his parents, sister and her family, as well as extended family and friends near and far.
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Thursday, Feb.25th - Sunday, Feb. 28th

With Fr. Joe Bambenek

**the talks will be live-streamed on our facebookpage and added to the Live-Stream Mass page within about 15 minutes of ending.



5:00 pm Mass with Father Joe, confessions to follow.

7:00 Talk 1 – Why are we talking about hope? What gets in the way of our hope?

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6:00 pm Stations of the Cross with Fr. Mark Joppa

6:30 Talk 2 – Why are we here:

What is God’s plan for our lives and for our faith community?

What does it mean to be a Body of Christ?

7:45 Mass with Fr Joe

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8:30 am Mass with Fr. Joe and Fr. Mark

9:15 Continental Breakfast – Seton Hall

10:00 Talk 3 – How have we been hurt?  Reflection  Activity 

10:45 Talk 4 – How can we act in hope despite our hurts?   Reflection

11:30 Lunch – Seton Hall

1:00 pm Talk 5 – Our bindings/Tourniquets: when we do not walk-in hope when we are hurt.  Reflection

2:30 Talk 6 – Turning over our bindings to Mary and opening our Wounds to Jesus.  Reflection

3:00 Litany of Renunciation leading into Confessions.


4:45 Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots

5:00 Mass with Fr. Joe and Fr. Mark


8:30 am Mass with Fr. Joe and Fr. Mark

9:45 Talk 7 – Review of Weekend/Hope for the future.  Reflection  Gratitude  Encouragement

10:15 Novena, day 2 of Our Lady Undoer of Knots

10:30 Mass with Fr. Joe and Fr. Mark



Tuesday, Mar. 2

5:00 pm Mass

Novena Day 3, Mary Undoer of Knots


Wednesday, Mar. 3

8:30 am Mass

Novena Day 4, Mary Undoer of Knots


Thursday, Mar 4

5:30 pm Mass

Novena Day 4, Mary Undoer of Knots


Friday, Mar. 5

8:30 am Mass

Novena Day 6, Mary Undoer of Knots

7:00 pm Stations of the Cross


Saturday, Mar. 6

4:00 pm Confessions

5:00 Mass

Novena Day 7, Mary Undoer of Knots


Sunday, Mar. 7

8:30 & 10:30 am Mass

Novena Day 8, Mary Undoer of Knots


Tuesday, Mar. 9

Novena Day 9, Mary Undoer of Knots


For a more comprehensive list see: https://archspmmainsite.s3.amazonaws.com/Synod/HHResourceListFinal_2-21-21.pdf


Dr. Diane Langberg. Counselling Survivor of Sexual Abuse. (Insights on the impact of abuse on victim-survivors) ISBN: 1-591605-19-9.

Neal Lozano. Unbound. (Relates how the Devil tries to steal God’s plan for our lives and how we can take back our life through deliverance prayer) ISBN: 978-0800794125

Neal & Matt Lozano. Abba’s Heart: Finding Our Way back to the Father’s Delight. (About God’s fatherly love for us) ISBN: 978-0800796846

Dr. Bob Schuchts. Be Healed. (A general book about spiritual healing) ISBN: 978-1594714764


Archdiocesan Synod, Virtual Healing and Hope Retreat (built from the same framework as the Lenten Hope Retreat, but with different speakers, personal testimonials, and a couple different talks): https://www.archspm.org/healing-and-hope-series/

John Paul II Healing Center: “Healing the Whole Person” (Highly recommend the 5-day retreat each March in Tallahassee… this year it is virtual in just over a week; weekend retreats are also beneficial) http://jpiihealingcenter.org/index.php/events


Catholic Therapists (www.catholictherapists.com) is an on-line resource for information and search function for finding Catholic Therapists nationwide. There is a vetting process for the therapists that are registered on this site.

• Offers a referral base of qualified Catholic therapists

• Therapy, emotional and spiritual life, relationships, marriage and family life

Victim of Abuse by someone connected with the Archdiocese?:

Attorney Victoria Newcome Johnson serves as the ombudsperson for anyone who has questions or concerns, or needs assistance, in regards to a sexual abuse case involving the Archdiocese. Johnson can be contacted directly at 612-990-0022 or victorianewcomejohnson@gmail.com.

Not Sure Where to Turn:

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis partners with Canvas Health, an independent and professional local care provider, to offer confidential, compassionate assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 651-291-4497. Referrals and financial support for counseling, individual or group therapy, and spiritual advising or direction are offered to help you in healing.