Music Covid Guidelines

Music Ministry COVID 19 Guidelines

As of: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Please arrive by the rehearsal start time (75 -60 minutes before mass) to avoid any foot traffic congestion.  Please wear your facemask throughout the building.  Please come to the music area, and find your place.  We can remove our facemasks once we have settled in and are staying put.  If you get up to do anything (bathroom, walk around, etc. . .) please put your facemask back on.  We will present mass without masks, but then put them on the moment we are done.

[Password: I have climbed the Tower of Babel]

Those over the age of 65 are heavily encouraged not to attend mass (Archdiocese Guidelines).  If you immune compromised, or sick in any way, please stay home.

Music  Ministry Participation

For Members of the COSR Music Community

2 singers* per mass. 

5:00 PM Showcase Mass (will be streamed live, taped, or both)

8:30 AM

10:30 AM



Please take the time to walk through the “Find/ Know Your Voice” page on the website to help Adam accommodate the music.  Knowing your “sweet spot” will help us prepare the music to be its best.


Singers/ Musicians and Adam will meet online to set the music

Rehearsals will be 75-60 minutes before Mass.


Musical Portions of the Mass

Opening Song

Closing Song

Preparation of Gifts

Prelude* (if possible)


Mass Parts (as of May 19, 2020)

Gloria- Mass of Creation

Gospel – Mass of Glory- Alleluia, Give the Glory

Mass of Creation


When We Eat This Bread


Lamb of God