Misconduct claim against deceased priest

It is with great sadness I must report two claims of misconduct have been made against a former priest of St. Rita's. The priest involved in both cases is Fr. Gerard Rowan, who is now deceased. The alleged misconduct in both cases occurred many years ago.  

Our first response is to extend heartfelt prayers for those who have been affected, and for their families, as we work to help them heal. 

Parish leadership and I have been in contact with the Archdiocese and the proper attorneys, and they advised us it was acceptable to identify Fr. Rowan as the priest involved.

It is our expectation that these claims will be resolved between the Archdiocesan bankruptcy proceedings and our insurance companies, along with the claims that have been made against other parishes. Because we are covered by insurance, we expect at this point that any financial ramifications for the parish would be minimal or nonexistent. 

If you have been a victim of clergy abuse, please call us at the parish office at 651-459-4596, or the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis at 651-291-4400. During these very difficult times, please pray for all the victims of abuse across the Archdiocese. -- Fr. Rick